I went for a run this evening.


I haven’t written that much about my neighborhood, but there is definitely something eerie about it.


Very peaceful, very beautiful and calm, but… almost on the border of something.


The cicadas sound deafening along the river. It’s a kind of shimmering sound that comes in waves.


Spiders claim small territories, overlapping fiefdoms right next to the other.


Right next to the river are little fishing shelters. Some have tables and chairs, where people sit and drink and fish on the weekend.IMG_20160805_185735356_HDR

At dusk, these shelters are bequeathed to the cats.


There are many feral cats here. Generations of them growing up along side the river. They are very skittish, but will watch you without running.IMG_20160805_185827163_HDR

I’m not a superstitious person, but walking home after the sun went down, I passed a cat sitting to the side of the road. I almost expected him to say something to me. He didn’t run as I approached, just watched me placidly until I passed.