Cute little neighborhood

I moved in about ten days ago. It’s a rural little area just a stone’s throw away from Tokyo, in a region famous for peanuts.


My neighborhood is quiet at night but wakes up early in the morning with commuters. Not all residents commute to Tokyo, though. There seem to be an unusual number of graveyards here.


I’m close to a huge recycle store with a daiso on top, so I’m less than a km away from anything a gaijin could want or need.

IMG_20160328_165039 (1).jpg

I’ve always considered myself a city person, I crave nightlife, lights and movement. A change of pace will be good for me, though. It amazes me that I can live less than an hour from theĀ harried, bustling center of Shinjuku, and return to the peace and quiet here.


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